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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bubbling Fish, we understand that you may have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer all of them. We want you to trust us to take amazing care of your child and help them learn new skills while having a whole lot of fun. Below are some frequently asked questions from our experience thus far.

Have more questions? Contact us here or learn more about our children's swimming lessons here.

  • DON'Ts
    - Do not feed your child just before class. Feed them atleast 20 mins before class - Do not enter the pool until the teacher asks you to once you arrive - Do not leave your child unattended near the pool - Do not get disappointed or compare your child with other children in the batch - Do not take the class toys home. Please put them back in the basket
  • DOs
    - Swim attire and cap is mandatory for kids and parents. - Carry hair tie for kids with long hair - Swim diaper for the child below 3 years is a must - Carry towels and warm jackets for post-swim - Help your child use the loo before class - Feed your child at least 20 mins before class - Wait for the batch to start once you arrive to class - Please put back the toys in the basket after class
  • How do I know my child's level or batch?
    Please use the child's age to identify the level/batch. To learn more, click here. BABYFISH - 6 months to 1.5 years JELLYFISH - 1.6 years to 2.0 years STARFISH - 2.9 years to 4 years BABYSHARK - 4 years to 6 years
  • Does the parent need to be in the water?
    Yes, as this is a parent-child program. Since we are handling small babies and the babies of this age are comfortable only with their parent, it is absolutely a must that the parent accompanies the child in water. But in batches for bigger kids like Star Fish and Baby Shark, the kids will get in on their own once the child progresses to a certain level. But this call will be taken by the swim teacher.
  • Why start at such a young age?
    Babies are born with water instinct but they gradually forget it. When we start early we are trying to recreate the same instinct. At a young age, they do not know what fear is. So it’s really easy to teach and kids are more open to exploring. This program helps in improving their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills. These classes also develop their sleeping and eating pattern.
  • How fast can my child learn to swim?
    We will not be able to answer this question unless we have seen the child in water and assessed their comfort level. The more consistent you are with the classes, the more comfortable your child will be in water. It is absolutely important for the child to first enjoy water and that when they are ready to try out things in water. Parents, please be patient with the child and give them the opportunity to explore themselves and you will eventually see them doing things that will surprise you.
  • How will the Bubbling Fish swim program benefit my child?
    Bubbling fish swim Program focuses on a lot for water safety techniques along with skill development. We make the class enjoyable and help child enjoy water and make them come to the class willingly. Every skill is taught in a right way but the BUBBLING FISH WAY! It is taught in a way that the child remembers it since we do not force them to do anything until they are ready. But we do facilitate the child for this readiness. This program helps in improving motor skills, hand eye coordination, and cognitive skills. These classes also develop their sleeping and eating pattern. Most importantly you are giving your child a life skill.
  • Will my child learn in 8 classes ?
    Nope. Even an adult will definitely need more than 8 classes. First few class are the water familiarization phase. The parents also take time to adjust being in water holding the child. Our classes are not one time class, they are ongoing . And when you continue beyond these 8 classes is when you see the progress.
  • How do I register my child for swim lessons?
    Click here to fill out the enrollment form.
  • What do I need to carry?
    > Swim diapers are a must for the child below 3 years > For kids - swim wear and cap is mandatory > Hair tie for children with long hair > For parents - swim wear and cap is mandatory > Towels and warm jacket are essentials too > A bottle of warm water and some snacks will help fuel your child post swim class
  • When do I feed my child before class?
    Please feed your child at least 20 mins before class and do carry food and water for munching after class .
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