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"Bubbling Fish is a great program that teaches water safety skills to infant & children. I enrolled my son when he was 6 months old, and he's learned so much from the program and more! The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Her methods are interactive and fun so it was easy for my son to get along with her classes. He is now 2 and is still proud member of Bubbling Fish program."



"The most bubbly and enthusiastic teacher who will make you fall in love with water.. she just knows her job too well!! Me and my daughter thoroughly love her classes and it has helped my lil one enhance her motor skills so much. I would any day recommend Nirala for infant swimming classes."


"The first time my 11th month old daughter entered the swimming pool, she absolutely hated it. No floats or toys could ever coax her into the water, inspite of the fact that it was a pool she could stand in. With Nirala's constant guidance, my little girl now loves the water, and even has the confidence to swim small distances underwater. The method used by Nirala, has not only helped my daughter gain confidence in the water, but has also got her to learn, a few nursery rhymes, some colours and numbers. Nirala is a patient and loving teacher and I would highly recommend this class to anyone with a 6 month old and above."


"The swim lessons were awesome to begin yesterday for the May 22 batch and my daughter, Ahana had a wonderful experience all through. She had 5-6 more of her age group join the classes as a newbie! The approach was thought through and very innovative, I was impressed by it and had 4 coaches for a total of 15-16 babies in her age group (3-4 yrs ) who are in various skill levels. From learning to wade the right way, pouring water on self, making bubbles in water, to immersing her head into a bucket of water and to back float on my shoulder, it was quite a start and Ahana was excited and synced wonderfully at each step. Looking forward for the next classes."


"My daughter began swimming with Nirala’s program from when she was a little over 18 months. I am so impressed with the magic she has brought into these waterbabies. More than anything, it is that today she is almost fearless in the water and that is what i most wanted to achieve from these classes. Thankkk you & keep up the magic, Nirala."


"Bubbling fish is the best place to introduce your child to water. We were looking for swimming classes post pandemic and enrolled Ayaan in the first batch bubblingfish started in December 2021. From then on it’s been a fun filled journey with Nirala and bubbling fish. Nirala is Ayaan’s first teacher and she is extremely patient and friendly with kids. Ayaan has gotten comfortable in water and is able to get into the pool without adults around, all thanks to the coaches Nirala, Satya, Divya and Yegi at bubblingfish. Kudos to the great work you all do."


"....was so excited for my infant baby of 7.5 months to join and learn the skill. This Program is planned in such a way that every infant/toddler is going to have fun and for sure pick the learning. I have often been asked by my family/friends that "so now your son knows to swim?". No infant/toddler can swim on their own with all the strokes required for it. Learnings are what infants/toddler can have from BUBBLING FISH.
Mobility: which is so required in early years of age, even the pincer hold, crawling, jumping, etc. 
Verbal Communication Skills: So lovely to sing and get your baby have a swim class. So Full 30 Min class is with teachers singing rhymes constantly and of-course different ones, Sidhansh (my boy) picked up so many rhymes from there undoubtedly and sings them even now. 
Basics done right: From giving the calmest environment, hygiene pools, Temperature controlled pools so parents don’t have to worry on irrespective weather conditions. 
By far I haven’t seen a group of teachers who all are amazingly talented and so dedicated in what they do. How it has helped my toddler who started his journey of swimming when he was an infant of 7.5 Months. He loves water and so comfortable he loves to bubble, he gets the rhymes to sing even at home, his mobility has had a next level experience. 

I can’t thank enough Bubbling fish teachers for giving this platform to all the infants and toddlers there. This is the best place for any child to start their swim journey."

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