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What to expect

We offer infant and toddler swim lessons as early as 6 months of age to help build confidence and get your infant comfortable in the water. Our small teacher:child ratio classes are a great way for parents to bond and socialize with their kids while teaching vital water safety skills. Our swimming lessons are specially designed to make learning fun through play. We offer group classes at various locations.

Swim Lessons

Batches Offered

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BABY FISH - 6 months to 1.5 yrs

It's the most beautiful batch where the babies are introduced to water alongside their parents helping create a beautiful parent-child bond. Skills like breath control and floating are the main focus. The activities in this batch improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and cognitive skills. It also improves eating and sleeping patterns. This would also probably be the first social skill in their life! Congratulations Parents for gifting your child the most essential life-skill!

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STAR FISH - 2.9yrs to 4yrs

This  is the imagination phase of life and while wired imagination/fear sets in, we need to help them overcome this. Skills like right way of kicking, arm action, and independent floating is introduced. Right technique is the focus in this batch.

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JELLY FISH - 1.6 yrs to 2.8 yrs

This is the exploration phase of life and we help them continue to stay curious when you introduce your kids to water at this phase. We also teach leg and arm movements which leads to kicking and propulsion. Kids get to feel their buoyancy and experience how their body feels in water.

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BABY SHARK - 4yrs to 6 yrs

It is the phase where kids want to try everything and are willing to take instructions. In this batch, we give them the opportunity to learn to their maximum capacity. The goal is to introduce them to a clean streamline, leading to a freestyle stroke.

What is taught

Awards and Recognition System

It is very important to reward your lil bubs to encourage them and tell them that even a tiny achievement is a great one! We at BUBBLINGFISH take great pride in rewarding our babies.


We have awards for kids right from babies as young as 6 months for the below milestones.

  • Submersion

  • Face in the water bubbling 

  • Back float

  • Streamline kick

  • Free style

  • Back stroke

Awards and Recognition System

The Bubbling Fish Difference


Follows AUSTSWIM standard of teaching, an internationally recognized industry standard. All teachers are AUSTSWIM certified.


Play-based sessions with toys, singing, and games to encourage child’s desire to learn. Our mission is to encourage kids to return to water willingly and eagerly.


Focuses on developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination. Helps build immunity, stimulates the brain at a young age, increases appetite, and instills a good sleeping pattern.

Baby Fish
Star Fish
Jelly Fish
Baby Shark
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