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We offer infant and toddler swim lessons as early as 6 months of age to help build confidence and get your infant comfortable in the water. Our small teacher:child ratio classes are a great way for parents to bond and socialize with their kids while teaching vital water safety skills. Our swimming lessons are specially designed to make learning fun through play. We offer group classes at below locations.

Indoor temperature controlled pools: Lotus, Majesstine, Citi Nest, Radisson Blu Marathahalli

Twice a week and total 8 classes per signup (Manta Squad has 10 classes) 


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Price is based on the location you choose irrespective of the age group.

  1. BGC - 5500 INR incl taxes (members only)

  2. Lotus Sports - 7080 INR incl taxes

  3. Majesstine Sports - 7080 INR incl taxes

  4. Citi Nest Sports - 7080 INR incl taxes

  5. Bangalore Club - 5310 INR incl taxes (members only)

  6. XLR8 Hennur - 7080 INR incl taxes (non members). 5664 INR incl taxes (members)

  7. RXDX Malleswaram - 7080 INR incl taxes

  8. Radisson Blu, Outer Ring Rd - 7316 INR incl taxes

NOTE: no refund, no carry forward. However there might be makeup classes based on location


If you are new

If you have attended a program before

If you are still thinking and have questions

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