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Welcome to Bubbling Fish

Welcome to Bubbling Fish

Bubbling Fish is a learn-to-swim institution that provides swim programs to kids between ages 6 months to 12 years. We offer group lessons, which is a parent-child program, at various swim centers as well as private lessons at the convenience of your home/apartment pools.  It is run by an AUSTSWIM certified swim teacher, Nirala Bopanna Rai and her team of AUSTSWIM certified teachers.


Our mission is to create a good foundation to learn swimming, enjoy water and encourage children to return to water willingly and eagerly. We also focus on introducing preliminary aquatic activity which with practice, right equipment, teaching techniques and time, will lead to age appropriate skills. Meet the team here.

Why Us?

INDUSTRY STANDARD TEACHING: We follow the AUSTSWIM method of teaching, an internationally recognized industry standard. All teachers are AUSTSWIM certified as well.

OUR PHILOSPHY: Play-based sessions that include toys, singing, games to encourage child’s desire to learn. Our mission is to develop a love for water and encourage kids to return willingly and eagerly.

SAFE & COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT: Curriculum includes water safety skills so the child can learn to react to water instinctively. We take into account each child's personal, physical and cognitive needs. We have a small child:teacher ratio to give dedicated attention. We take pride in building lasting relationships based on trust.

Infant Baby Swimming Lessons
Why Bubbling Fish?
Our Programs
Our Programs

Group swim


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lessons at home


Semi-Private lessons

at apartments

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Swim Party

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Adventure Travel

About Founder
About the founder, Nirala Rai
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I am a mother of two girls who are keen swimmers. When my daughter was 6 years old, she was forced to jump at the deep end of the pool by her then teacher. This made her dislike swimming and she refused to get back to water. Heartbroken, I went to Partha who suggested that I do the AUSTSWIM course and teach my daughter myself. So I did my AUSTSWIM TSW course under Ceri's guidance and started teaching both my daughters at Bangalore Club. They love the water now.

I now teach at multiple centers. This gives me immense satisfaction than my IT job of 10 years which I eventually quit.


I am also an SSI verified advanced diver and conduct ocean expedition trips to Maldives where I introduce kids to the ocean. I am a keen fitness enthusiast and constantly look for new things to learn.

Watching this, club members showed interest and liking towards my "AUSTSWIM" way of teaching and wanted me to teach their kids as well. This encouraged me to take up swim teaching as a profession.


"Bubbling Fish is a great program that teaches water safety skills to infant & children. I enrolled my son when he was 6 months old, and he's learned so much from the program and more! The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Her methods are interactive and fun so it was easy for my son to get along with her classes. He is now 2 and is still proud member of Bubbling Fish program."


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